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From Bored to Boarded: Gamifying Your Onboarding Experience

ONBOARD: Organizational orientation and socialization of a new generation

KA2 Erasmus+ Project for Adult Education

From Bored to Boarded: Gamifying Your Onboarding Experience

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The onboarding of new employees is a key factor that impacts their relations with the organization. It is true that they have already met the organizational culture during the recruitment process, but the induction program is actually their in-depth dive into it. And if we want to be an employer that is really competitive on the labour market, then we must put a strong emphasis on. Because this very process can prove to be the determining factor as to whether we will have an engaged new colleague or will start again the long selection process.

Join this seminar where we offer you to explore together an alternative to traditional onboarding. An alternative to make the process more engaging and efficient. Can we present important but boring information in an intriguing way? Can we save some of the time our most experienced people have to spend onboarding new hires without negatively impacting their onboarding performance? Can we engage the new colleagues right from the get-go by harnessing their competitive spirit, by sparking their curiosity, by encouraging them to discover important new pieces of information on their own and piece together the whole picture of the organization they are already a part of? We believe the answer is yes. Our answer is gamification.


In the first part of the seminar, we will investigate how gamification can be applied in different HR processes to improve their effectiveness on a number of indicators. Through interesting cases we are going to explore how to:

  • Calculate our business case for change

  • Onboard & Develop employees FUNctionally with UpTrek

  • Recruit through a serious game (RGF Start People)

  • Organize 360º feedback through a gamified application

  • Create ultimate customer experience and upsell & cross sell with serious games


What are the necessary conditions for the gamification of an HR process to be successful, where are the risks to be aware of - we will talk to Bart Hufen.

In the second part of the seminar, we will tell you more about the project "ONBOARD: Organizational orientation and socialization of a new generation", financed by Erasmus+. We will talk about what the project is and how its results can be useful to you.






Thank you for registering for our event. Expect a confirmation email and a link to participate!

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